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Weekly Challenge: Madden 19

Birds fans we have a special challenge for you! Come on in to Level13 and play as the Eagles vs. Saints. If you beat the Saints you can win FREE 2 hours of game time! All qualifying games have to start before kickoff on Sunday @4:40pm Good luck and Go Birds!

Philly.com: At West Chester haven for gamers, a solo pursuit in a crowd

Posted on Philly.com: January 7, 2019 – 11:52 AM by Erin McCarthy Ashe Zolomij wandered into Level13 a few days before the new year. By Thursday, he said, he’d been back several times, hooked on the “collective gaming” or “social gaming” environment. “All these games, I do have them at home,” said Zolomij, 15. “ButRead More

A great article all about the state of Level 13 and video games today

A great article all about the state of Level 13 and video games today. Read this for more information regarding video games, esports, and the industry. Thank you Phoenixville News: https://www.phoenixvillenews.com/new-video-gaming-center-opens-in-west-chester/article_533b5e99-565b-5026-90ba-058897d38f2e.html?fbclid=IwAR0X4BEBY7d-aNYkxDrnP3FOgrccx975HXF69yH7L5uevO84gAuMfRPtJI4

Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019 and may it be filled with some awesome gaming!